Thursday, October 06, 2005

Welcome to the New NSAA Artists Information Blog!

This new blog has been set up for the Artist Members of the North Shore Arts Association of Gloucester Massachusetts. On it members can post information about their latest awards and accomplishments, openings of exhibitions, workshops they will be conducting, etc. etc.

To have access to this blog you need to have a free membership set up which you can do by emailing Kathleen at Once you have your access information and instructions you can post as you like. Anyone - artist member or not - can post comments to the entries by using the Comment link at the bottom of each post. All posts will be archived and saved for six months. You can also add pictures to your posts by using the photo feature on the Create screen.

If you are not comfortable posting to the internet, you may still send your announcements by snail mail or email to Kathleen or to the Gallery Director.

Thanks for participating.