Monday, January 09, 2006

National Non-Toxic Printmaking Exhibit

Redbrick's upcoming show, "The Printed Image: A National Non-Toxic
Printmaking Exhibit" will feature a nationwide selection of printmakers
who are leaders of modern printmaking. Artists participating in this
exhibit are exploring and founding new, environmentally friendly and
health-minded techniques within a medium thousands of years old. Artists
from all over the country are joining Redbrick to support these new
developments in printmaking, and I urge you to join us and let the
community know about this great opportunity to see art history in the
making. Spread the word about this event by including it in your
website, calendar, bulletin board, or newsletter, and be sure to mark
the exhibit dates on your calendar so you can come and see it for

National artists Dan Weldon, founder of Solarplate printmaking; Marion
Behr, founder of the Electro Etch printmaking process; Susan Rostow,
creator of the Akua Kolor printmaking ink series; and Mitch Lyons,
leader in clay monoprinting are joined by local artists Gail Hercher of
Beverly, MA; Eleanor Appleyard of Marblehead, MA; and Suzie Papin of
Boxford, MA in this exciting event.

The Printed Image: A National Non-Toxic Printmaking Exhibit
Show on View: January 14 - March 3, 2006
Gallery: Redbrick Art Center | 95 Rantoul Street | Beverly, MA 01915

You can view the press release for this event at:

Please feel free to contact me with questions or to request images.


Joanna R. Heath
Redbrick Art Center
95 Rantoul St.
Beverly, MA 01984


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